Designing the global experience of Spain’s first beach sharing app


Design a phygital experience that brings pay-per-use equipment renting to the beach

Sloowy challenged us to come up with a global experience for their renting service that included both physical and digital touchpoints.



From concept to reality: designing a phygital product

Our design and engineering teams partnered to bring to life the concept of Sloowy Points, little beach-booths with smart lockers that store beach furniture and can be accessed through the app. From the electronics and manufacturing management to the digital experience, everything was designed and developed in-house.



A global user experience that makes beach sharing possible for the first time in Spain.

Sloowy Points are detachable, transportable and customisable products with an attractive aesthetic. They incorporate solar panels to make them energetically sustainable and independent, and the smart lockers can all be accessed through the app in a streamlined digital process.

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A phygital project where comfort, functionality, usability and sustainability mark the user experience.

Sloowy’s challenge was a complex phygital product design project, in which many different teams worked together to achieve a competitive solution that fit both the company’s and the market’s expectations.

Thanks to this, the design process of Sloowy Points has resulted in an eye-catching, functional and sustainable equipment that responds to the company’s needs: to be visible, efficient and seamlessly blend the physical and digital experience to focus usability on the app.

Moreover, Lúcid’s design of the app, website and customer management board enabled a streamlined flow of customer consumption data for the company to exploit in the future.  


Development and engineering
Digital Product Design (UX/UI)
Industrial design and engineering
Design for manufacture
Manufacturing management
Hardware and electronics
Digital product
Sustainability and circularity

Spain's 1st beach sharing app

Sloowy is the first application that allows you to rent beach equipment by the minute.

Electronic development

Lúcid was responsible for the electronic development of the smart lockers

Sustainability and functionality

Self-sufficient, detachable and transportable houses that incorporate solar panels for autonomy and efficiency.

Customer management programme design

Lúcid is in charge of the digital designf og the dashboard that provides consumption data for each Sloowy Point.

Start-up with the support of Lanzadera

The project was selected for this renowned acceleration programme.

A sustainable project that allows for the first time in Spain the pay-per-use with beach equipment, extending its useful life and reducing the consumption of products that are only for seasonal use.

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