We are prepared to plan innovation in many different forms and formats. Innovation is part of the culture and DNA of our company, so everyone, at any time, can be the spark of innovation, as an internal project or for our customers. For this reason, Lúcid's management is committed to complying with the requirements of the UNE16602: 2014 standard of the company's R&D&I Management System.

We are therefore firmly committed to implementing a culture of innovation at all levels, promoting an innovative ecosystem based on the empowerment of internal talent, the attraction of external talent, collaboration and the successful integration of new technologies, with the clear objective of designing new products and services that create sustainable value for our organisation and its stakeholders.

We understand innovation as a collaborative, multidisciplinary process, transversal to the entire organisation, independent, ethically responsible and open, oriented towards the creation of value based on knowledge. We must foster collaborations and alliances with the academic, intellectual and technological world.

The commitment to innovation is a priority to ensure sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness and to lead our field of action. Innovation is always welcome and adopted as fuel for our engine and these are some of the rules that guide us:

In addition, there are some patterns of opportunity that go some way to defining our approach to innovation:

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