A modular and versatile award-winning IoT solution


Creating a modular and configurable IoT controller, a revolution in the industry

The major challenge for this project is to define all the product features and visualise the technical requirements in the initial phase, then to do a reverse roll-out of the remaining phases and start the project with the conceptual engineering.  



Product design and development ensuring optimal industrialisation and reducing engineering costs.

We mapped the product configuration architecture and packaged the components into modules, finding an ultra-compact plug and play assembly system that followed Pickdata's internal component and technical requirements.



Maximum customisation without added R&D costs for a revolutionary device

eManager is equipped with a software platform designed to easily develop cutting-edge computing and industrial applications and supports amazing open IoT software tools.

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Plug and play design for manufacturing success

Our challenge is to map the entire configuration architecture of the product and package all the components in modules to find an ultra-compact plug and play assembly system that also conveys the feeling of a consistent and compact product at all times, without perceiving the modularity of the assembly. Once the assembly engineering has been defined, the styling design is carried out, giving the product a modern and elegant high-tech style that camouflages the interlocking joints of the modules. The engineering of parts is carried out according to Lúcid's work philosophy: maximum functionality with a high compromise between cost and product performance.

The new eManager system is an OEM industrial controller that is equipped with a high-performance control unit with an embedded Yocto Linux. The device includes RS-232/485 serial communications and a 10/100 Ethernet port. Features such as CPU clock, flash storage or RAM can be chosen from a variety of models. eManager can be expanded with GSM/GPRS communications, digital and analogue I/O, energy metering and many more modules.  

It supports amazing open IoT software tools such as Node-RED and Edge X Foundry, and a full set of public protocol libraries such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MQTT, BACNET and others. Its multi-language API allows you to use the most appropriate language to develop your own application (C, C++, Python, Go, Java, etc.).


Industrial design and engineering
Design for manufacture
User research
Manufacturing management
Hardware and electronics


Configurable product with no added R&D costs


Highly functional design style

Industrial optimisation

Minimal investment in moulds


Ultra-compact plug and play modular system

Revolutionary product

Customisable IoT-based OEM controller

Cutting-edge modular design recognised with numerous design awards

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