Discovering the health habits of people with disabilities


Understanding the health needs and barriers to accessing health care for persons with disabilities

To increase the depth of studies on the habits of disabled people in order to carry out actions to improve their quality of life. Research must respect people's most intimate spheres.



Qualitative and quantitative research to create a new theoretical framework

Information is obtained from qualitative and quantitative user research to subsequently confirm some of the hypotheses obtained in the qualitative phase and to uncover new information.



Publication of the first report on the emotions and needs of people with disabilities

This report reveals to DKV and the organisations dedicated to the health of this group their perception of their own health and their needs and desires to achieve a fuller and more satisfactory quality of life.

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We design a tailor-made methodology for research

The first phase of the project consists of 15 interviews with health professionals specialised in disability. Secondly, we conducted 30 interviews with people with disabilities of an organic and physical nature. Due to the intimate nature of the subject matter of the study, we conducted a third phase to mitigate the barriers that the presence of researchers may cause in face-to-face interviews. More than 200 people responded individually and voluntarily to the questions. Their responses helped us to identify extremely important aspects of people's experience and attitude to looking after their health.

Due to the intimate nature of the study, we designed a low-impact methodology that allowed +200 people to express their opinion freely and anonymously.

Once all the information has been analysed, we extract the learnings, insights and conclusions for 2 weeks and then design a quantitative questionnaire to which 400 people with organic and physical disabilities from all over Spain respond through an online panel. These responses serve to confirm some of the hypotheses obtained in the qualitative phase and to reveal new information.

The result of the project is the presentation and publication of the first report on the health habits of people with disabilities in Spain.

Download the complete study for DKV.


User research
Stimulating creativity
Service design
Market research
Customer Experience (CX)

15 experts

We interviewed 15 health professionals

30 users

We interviewed 30 people with disabilities

3 installations

In institutions all over Spain simultaneously

+200 interactions

Low-impact, high-value methodology

400 surveys

Confirming hypotheses and revealing new information

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