An electric vehicle charger with a design language unique in the industry


An integrated project from UX, industrial design and engineering

Our challenge has been to design the housings of a new electric vehicle charger equipment adapting to the complexities and constraints of the interior electro-mechanics of the equipment.



Component architecture and refinement for ultra-compact design

We carried out the dimensional design and housing of the internal component package taking into account the different technical configurations to be offered and created a new design language.



New EV charger developed in a record time of 6 months

Design of a new compact equipment suitable for different customisations and power or model versions with a formally disruptive design.

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Creating a formally disruptive device that captures industry attention by adapting to digital transformation and ultra-compact component architecture.

We immersed ourselves in the sector and analysed the company's products to understand the existing constraints for the design. We worked in an agile and coordinated manner with Circontrol's team of electronic engineers while developing the electronic part of the project in parallel. The new component architecture will be ultra-compact.  

We carry out the dimensional design and housing of the internal component package taking into account the different technical configurations to be offered.  

Next, we enter the style design, where Circontrol asks for a new language that speaks for itself and reflects the technological potential and performance of the new equipment. A design and refinement process that is finally consolidated through product development and engineering, prototyping and testing, DFM and support in the industrialisation and tooling phases.


Industrial design and engineering
Design for manufacture
Digital Product Design (UX/UI)
Conceptual design

Permissive housing

Supports 3 versions of equipment

Avant-garde design

Reflection of technological potential and performance

Simultaneous engineering

Parallel work process between client and agency

6 months

Development of the new equipment in record time

High compactness

Ultra-compact component architecture

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