Revolutionising user experience in the Smart Audio Wearables industry


Create an aesthetically appealing hybrid product for audio enjoyment on the move.

Devise a hybrid solution that functions as both a headphone and a neckphone, designed especially for use in micro-mobility, fitting all the components together and maintaining the ideal volume for the product.



Iteration to find an optimal solution in terms of quality, volume and appearance.  

This project involves several of our teams, who start working on the design of the brand while, in parallel, the conceptual design of the physical product is being considered. During engineering we managed to maintain the high acoustic quality standards certified by SoundHubDenmark.



Open sound for a new safe way to enjoy micro-mobility

With this project, Circulr Sound presents its first patented open sound technology, which allows the micromobility user to safely and legally enjoy music, calls, podcasts and audiobooks with non-invasive sound in their environment while wearing the device as a neckphone around their neck.

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Minimalist and sober aesthetics, without renouncing a great engineering and development challenge.

When the design came to engineering, we initially considered implementing a dual driver, but through component optimisation and technological research we were able to create a single custom driver that offers the full spectrum of acoustic waveforms to ensure optimal performance for both headphone and neckphone, while maintaining high acoustic quality standards certified by Sound Hub Denmark engineers.

The project also included the design of the digital product. To control the device, we designed a seamless digital experience with a simple look and feel that does not compromise on functionality. Through its app, users can listen to their favourite music in different sound modes and optimise them with Artificial Intelligence.


Conceptual design
Industrial design and engineering
Design for manufacture
Digital Product Design (UX/UI)
Product strategy
Sustainability and circularity
Proprietary open sound technology for micromobility users validated by Sound Hub Denmark

2 in 1 product

Hybrid headphone and neckphone solution

Road safety

Design for safe micro-mobility

Open sound

For sharing audio in a team or on the move

Virtual assistant

Possibility of integration of virtual assistants

Auditory safety

2-way security system to protect the ears

The device features a minimalist and sober aesthetic; optimised usability through configurable buttons; interchangeable earpads; splashproof sealing; integration of virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google, and a 2-way security system with internal sensor to avoid exposing the ears to too high a volume. The natural rotation of the headphones when placed in neckphone mode enables a confirmation button that allows the user to activate this mode. This same internal rotation sensor deactivates the increased sound necessary in a neckphone to return directly to headphone mode.

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